Imagine being R. Kelly’s publicist right now. That man has a very, very, very difficult job. After the airing of Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime, the famed R&B singer became one of the most hated men in America. He has allegedly been holding girls against their will in his home and studio, using them for sex and capturing videos of several encounters. If what Kelly is being accused of is factual (and it’s literally on video, so…) then he’s a terrible person. The police arrested him late last night when he was out walking his dog and now, he’s facing new charges pertaining to the sex crimes he reportedly committed. This morning, his publicist Darryl Johnson spoke to the media in a press conference when the father of one of Kelly’s alleged victims, Joycelyn Savage, interrupted the address and begged to know where his daughter was.

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Father During Press Conference">
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As reported by Complex, Timothy Savage can be seen on video rushing the stage where Kelly’s publicist was speaking, insisting on knowing where his daughter Joycelyn was. “I don’t wanna hear all that!” yelled Savage at the presser in Atlanta. “I wanna know where my daughter’s at! Answer that question!”

During the same meeting, Johnson spoke about whether he’s worried he could also face charges, insisting that he was “hired to do a job” and is not an enabler. 

R. Kelly’s latest arrest reportedly happened after a Homeland Security agent watched the popular docuseries about the singer’s crimes, choosing to get involved further. Kelly’s arraignment is currently scheduled for July 16.