We haven’t gotten new music from Justin Bieber since 2015, but the artist has been keeping busy with some extra-curricular projects. One of those projects is his new streetwear brand called Drew House, which has been teased for quite some time now. A few weeks ago, Drew House dropped a pair of $5 slippers, while Bieber showed off some of the jewelry he bought for his teammates at the brand. Drew House has a very simple design, a yellow smiley face with the word “drew” as the mouth.

The word “Drew” refers to Justin’s middle name, so it’s clear that the singer is trying to put a part of himself into the brand. A collection of pieces is now available for purchase on the website thehouseofdrew.com. Pieces include corduroy shorts, hoodie, and pants, as well as long sleeves and t-shirts with the signature smiley face branding.


Prices for these garments range from $48 USD and $148 USD. Some pieces are already sold out so if you’re looking to cop anything, it would probably be smart to act quickly.

Are you thinking of copping anything? What do you think of JB’s new streetwear brand?