The 2015-16 All NBA Teams were announced today and, unsurprisingly, the backcourt of the All-NBA 1st Team is comprised of the two guys who will go head-to-head in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals tonight. 

Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry are joined by Kawhi Leonard DeAndre Jordan and LeBron James- who has been on this list every year since. Westbrook, Leonard and Jordan are all first timers on the All-NBA 1st Team, but we don't expect it to be their last- at least for Russ and Kawhi.

The All-NBA 2nd Team is comprised of Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard and DeMarcus Cousins.

3rd Team includes Kyle Lowry, Klay Thompson, Paul George, LaMarcus Aldridge and Andre Drummond.

Anthony Davis didn't land on any of the All-NBA teams, which normally wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that now he will not be receiving a bonus in his contract that would've been worth approximately $24M over the next five years.

Damian Lillard on the other hand...