When you're rich, there's a good chance you'll have to deal with some sort of legal drama in the future. It's a part of the game. News broke back in October that 2 Chainz was sued for missing payments on his Rolls Royce Phantom. In the suit, Highline Holding Group claimed Chainz had an outstanding balance of $18,317 that he owed them after they helped him purchase the luxury vehicle. However, it seems that Chainz is disputing the case as a whole.

2 Chainz is looking to get the Rolls Royce payment case thrown, according to TMZ. The "4 A.M." rapper is reportedly claiming that Joshua Waddell of Highline Holdings Group pretended to be 2 Chainz lawyer through text message conversation with an unknown number and urged him to pay the auto broker's back for the unpaid amounts around the time the lawsuit was initially filed. 2 Chainz also claims Waddell pulled a similar move a few days later except he was claiming to be the lawyer for Highline Holdings Group. During the second conversation, there were claims that a default judgment granted to Waddell and HHG and a lien was issued on the Rolls Royce.

However, Chainz claims he knew it was Waddell because he recognized the number from earlier conversations and believes that this was done as a set up. The documents obtained by the gossip site, 2 Chainz confirmed that his nor Waddell's lawyer sent the text messages. Now, Chainz wants the whole case thrown out because of the trickery that was going on.