2 Chainz chopped it up with Shark Tank-affiliate Mark Cuban on a recent episode of The Most Expensivests. The duo hung out at the Dallas Equestrian Center, home to the best horse trainers in the country, to check out some of the world's most expensive horses. In the video shared herein, you can see Cuban and 2 Chainz interacting with some horses and finding out about their high prices. They also explore how much the Horse Gym 200, a premiere treadmill for horses to train ahead of races, costs and find out the athletic tool clocks in at $40K. Hence, you may consider getting a car instead.

They then look into the cost of lessons at the Dallas Equestrian center, which cost $100 per lesson. The facility consists of 9 acres of land with roughly 118 horses living on the property. Additionally, the center offers over 200 lessons a week. The Dallas Equestrian Center's representative in the video confirmed that the majority of children who took lessons bought a house and came for 3-4 lessons a week--an easy 20K/per year. You can also buy or lease a horse, though some of these horses cost about $100K depending on their athletic abilities. The GQ-sponsored episode is informative as always and brings out the vibrant personalities of our hosts.