After giving you a formal introduction to Boogie, we are now ready to release Boogie’s debut project, “Thirst 48,” which will get you further acquainted with the Long Beach, CA native.

So far we’ve heard leaks like “Highskoo Interlude” and the A$ton Matthews-featured “Westside”, among a few others. 

The tape features production by Caleb Stone, Dream Panther, Pyramidvritr, DK The Punisher, Sweetestlove, Alexander Spit, DezzieGee, TheRealRaw, Qreamybeats, Strider Hyru and Beewirks. The only features on the tape come from Epicmustdie and A$ton Matthews.

Let us know what you think of this project in the comments, and be sure to hit Boogie with a Twitter follow @Boogiethebeast.