The Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel is set to arrive on March 8th, which will find a brand new hero making her introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yet intergalactic threats aren’t the only obstacle plaguing Captain Marvel.

It would appear that contentious “trolls” have already taken to bombarding the aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes with negative reviews, despite never having seen the actual movie. Many ferocious keyboard warriors seem to have been left distraught over a recent Larson interview, which pointed to an abundance of “white men” in the film critic community.  In retaliation, they decided to flood the Rotten Tomatoes user review section with hateful critiques.

In any case, Captain Marvel will likely prove to a box office success, trolls be damned. Given that the titular hero is theorized to play a pivotal role in the events of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel die-hards would be remiss to sit this one out. Even if they do feel a misguided sense of wounded pride. If and when you do attend, however, be sure to stick around after the credits. In true Marvel fashion, Captain Marvel will feature two additional scenes, which will likely point to the MCU’s upcoming direction.