Nike made a lot of people happy and even more people upset when they announced their campaign with Colin Kaepernick back in the fall. No one really knew what the extent of their campaign would be but now we have a bit more of a sense of it all as it was announced that both were coming out with a special Kaepernick jersey. The jersey dubbed the “True To 7,” is all black with a 7 on the front and back with Kap’s name on the back as well. There is no team on the jersey, just Kaepernick’s number. It is supposed to be symbolic of Kaepernick’s fight against injustice and everything he stands for.

This announcement comes in the wake of the news that Kaepernick and the NFL reached a settlement in the very public collusion case. Kaepernick alleged that he was being blackballed by the NFL and was looking to take them to court. Before the case could proceed, both parties reached a conclusion. For now, Kaepernick’s future and status within the NFL is unknown.

As of right now, there is no exact release information surrounding the jersey but you can sign up for updates right here.