Although we mostly tend to hone our content with a focus on rap music from the North American side, we remain pleasantly surprised by the talent which can be found overseas. Of this talent, we can find folks like Gibbs across the pond in the UK and past language barriers, we can find lyrical beasts in France such as Damso, Booba, and PNL. Precisely in the french side of Hip Hop, things have not been simply all talent as of late. 24-year-old rapper Niska, who has accumulated much success in the recent years with hits like “Reseaux” (a hit-track which has since been remixed by Migos’ very own Quavo), has found himself in the thick of controversy. And social media was quick to grab the details.

Niska recently shared a compelling freestyle via a collaboration with Booska which he entitled “Booska Méchant” in tribute to his commonly used acronym “Méchant, méchant” (which means “mean, mean.”) In the freestyle herein, a specific bar which noted that he owed his ex some child support money, but would rather spend in on a brand new whip was the aggravating factor which led his actual ex to expose his business. A series of social media posts revealed that the French artist had impregnated his ex-girlfriend and current baby mother with a child while also knocking up celebrity Aya Nakamura Catchana style (well known in France for afrobeats hits like “Dja Dja” and “Pookie”). Once Twitter got a whiff of the news, they proceeded to roast Niska with a slew of memes, videos, and gifs to make light of the situation. The news took social media by such storm that the French rapper recently checked in on his Twitter account to ask if it was okay for him to come back.

See the comical tweets below.