The New England Patriots have punched their ticket to their third straight Super Bowl thanks to an exciting 37-31 overtime victory against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game on Sunday. Quarterback Tom Brady led the team down the field during the first possession in overtime, with the team eventually scoring a game-winning field goal. Brady, who is 41, has embraced the underdog role this season and looked like an absolute magician out there on Sunday. 

At one point in the game though, it appeared as if Brady was being flashed by a laser pointer. A video was captured by a KMBC photographer, that shows a bright green light being put in Brady’s face. According to ESPN, the NFL is now saying they are going to look into the report, although they haven’t commented on the situation further.

The New England Patriots have been asked about the report but have declined to comment, despite knowing about what happened. After the game, reporters never asked Brady about it, perhaps because the incident wasn’t on anyone’s radar.

Despite this, the Patriots are moving on to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta on February 3rd. They will be taking on the Los Angeles Rams, who defeated the New Orleans Saints on Sunday in the NFC Championship game.