Today is Women’s Equality Day and Wale showed up to show his appreciate for women, black women specifically. When the DMV rapper announced the release of “BGM” on Instagram, he wrote, “This song is special to me and when you listen tommorow you’ll fully understand why. There is a lot of noise right now. And I don’t know much about anything because first the hot girls were up then the city boys then the game got cancelled because of cucumbers and then rescheduled in the name of a spicy chicken sandwich but I digress.” Basically, Wale is over keeping score and indulging in dumb distractions. The bottom line is women have stayed winning and that will evidently continue to be the case. Let’s acknowledge that. 

“Tomorrow I wrap up a short story.. I’ve been trying to find ways to promote my music creatively and deliver messages that are easily digested,” Wale also explained in his Instagram caption. He clarified that this story consists of three singles he dropped this summer: “On Chill“, “Gemini (2 Sides)” and now, “BGM”. The tracks are all smooth listens and compassionately discuss romance. “BGM” is easily the most upbeat of the batch, offering a groove befitting of the celebratory occasion. 

Wale promised his sixth studio album will be coming soon. 

Quotable Lyrics

Black is beautiful, shawty, black is bold
Black is black, true, but black is gold
If God a color, I know she black fosho