Whenever Chris Brown announces a new music video, you know that it’ll be something special. At this stage in his career, CB has all the resources he could possibly need in order to make the highest-quality product available on the market. He’s widely recognized as one of the kings of R&B and he continues to prove it every time he drops new music. This year, fans were lucky enough to receive another loaded project from the living icon, who graced us with Indigo. A brand new visual has just arrived from the body of work with the Gunna-featured “Heat” being uploaded to video streaming services this morning.

It starts off with Chris Brown acting as the sales manager of a high-end clothing store. His employee, Gunna, approaches him and tells him it might be time to open the doors to the shop. Through the store windows, you can see a bunch of baddies ready to go crazy on some big ticket items. That’s not the only reason Gunna wants them in the shop though. Breezy understands his boy’s drift and immediately allows the girls inside. Not a bad shift for these two.

As you would expect from a Chris Brown video, there is a ton of dancing going on here too. CB brought along a talented team of dancers to join him for “Heat,” which you can view above. What do you think?