Orlando Brown Says He Has Many Children But He Doesn't Know Their Names

Orlando Brown spoke about his experiences with crystal meth and his four kids.

BYAlex Zidel
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Orlando Brown's life is an absolute mess. If you think you're having a bad year, watch the full interview that he did with Dr. Phil. We'll save you from all of the details but let's just say that he legitimately believes that his father is Michael Jackson. Yep... During his sit-down with the talk show host, Orlando Brown sported snake eyes, leaving many to wonder what was going on with the actor. We've seen countless videos of him walking the streets as he appears to be drunk or messed up on drugs but according to him, he's turned his life around. He still has no clue what his kids' names are though.

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One of the most surprising bits from the video is that Orlando Brown told Dr. Phil that he has "quite a bit" of children. Some of them, he hasn't even met. The youngest is 2-years-old and his oldest is 16-years-old, which would have made him a teenager when he had his son. Aside from the fact that he wants to marry Raven Symone, many are fixating on the fact that Orlando says he's 4-years sober but he still has no clue what two of his children's names are. 

Hopefully, the actor can get everything together. He had such promising potential and now it feels like each headline he creates is a mess. 


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