Childish Major has been heating up behind the scenes for years. Knowing that he has produced for Rocko (“UOENO”), SZA (“Green Mile”) and J. Cole (“Friends”) – among many other big names – can probably give you an idea of how wide-ranging his skill set must be in order to accommodate such disparate sounds. But his flexibility is not limited to production. In 2017, the Atlanta-based artist shared with HNHH his frustrations at being pigeonholed and undervalued as a producer. The foray from behind the boards into vocalist territory isn’t an easy transition to make, but Childish Major has the experience and drive to take him there. 

On Woo$Ah, his first studio album, released in 2017, Childish Major showcases his ability to step behind the mic, and rap or sing if he so pleases. On “For You”, he opts to do it all. His crooning starts slow, matching the pace of the sparse drums, and then builds momentum til he’s speedily rapping around the beat. With a catchy chorus to top it off, Childish Major seems like the artist that can deliver the trappy R&B that’s in such high demand right now.

The “You” in “For You” is the woman who should be gassed up for holding it all together despite the fuckery. Childish Major tweeted out a dedication to clarify: