Were you expecting a photo of Tekashi 6ix9ine? Yes, the rainbow-haired rapper is from Brooklyn and yes, he may have ratted out a few of his associates but we’re not that savage. This story is about a literal rat that either passed out because he couldn’t handle his liquor or he spent his final night on Earth enjoying a bottle of good old Hennessy on the sidewalk. Only in New York will you see a rat in the middle of the pathway holding a bottle of Henny.

Social media user Chris Williamson posted a photo of something he noticed while walking in the neighborhood. He came across a rodent that was laying in his way, holding an alcohol bottle. It was Valentine’s Day so maybe he was expecting some company from a lonely female rat. Nonetheless, it looks like he ended up enjoying himself a little too much. Always remember to drink in moderation!


Shortly after the photo started going viral, Brooklynites found where the rat was situated and had some fun, decorating his surroundings to reflect just how much of a badass he really was. One person added a box of cigarettes next to him, moving the bottle of Henny so he could lay more comfortably. 

Hopefully, the site has been cleaned up by now. All funny business aside, we hope that the rat is still alive and kicking throughout the sewers of beautiful New York City.