Drake's "Dell Curry Jersey" Involved A Vintage Seller Trekking 10 Hours By Car

Drake's found a vintage seller in Brooklyn willing to go overboard with his assignment.

BYDevin Ch
Mark Blinch/NBAE via Getty Images

The word on the street is that Drake went WELL out of his way to procure the Dell Curry jersey he wore in Game One. Web journalists were able to trace the throwback's origins back to Select Vintage in Brooklyn, where store owner Al Martiniello led a search party for the game-worn original with very little time left on the clock. Suffice to say, Martiniello was perfectly deployed as the broker in this situation. Within his contacts, Al was able to localized seller willing to part with the prized possession. From there, Al decided to hand-deliver merchandise within the only means at his disposal: his car on a two-way trip totaling 10 hours.


"Drake is a once-in-a-lifetime generational artist, so for me to do this for him and be a part of this is amazing. It was nuts," Martiniello told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It seems Martiniello was not only intrigued by the prospect of meeting the famous rapper, but also the distinction of partaking in the "ultimate troll" as he put it. 

Martiniello admitted that he accepted the challenge without ever having seen a Dell Curry jersey up close in person. "As somebody who's been collecting jerseys his entire life, I don't know if I've ever actually seen a Dell Curry authentic retail one," he added. Thankfully, the individual who ultimately sold the jersey to Martiniello was based in nearby Queens.


Dell Curry will be happy to note that his perimeter shooting was enough to cultivate him a modest little fanbase. The anticipation builds over Drake's next troll job. During the Raptor's series-clinching win against the Milwaukee Bucks, Drake famously wore an outfit inspired by 2Pac's courtside get-up in Above the Rim.


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