J. Cole summoned his Dreamville squad and a short list of other talented individuals for Revenge Of The Dreamers III earlier this month. The compilation album will reaffirm Dreamville as a powerhouse in hip-hop. The label was somewhat quiet up until last year. If you were to ask the casual hip-hop listener to name rap collectives/labels, they would probably list the obvious cliques. TDE, Quality Control, or MMG would come to the minds of millions before Dreamville just 16 months ago. With immaculate drops from Cole, Bas, and J.I.D. turning the hip-hop game on its head since that time, it appears that Dreamville is set to take the throne. Revenge Of The Dreamers III will be the proof. If Cole and company deliver a classic, they will be the crew to beat in 2019.

After late-night sessions, in which Cole already admitted that he shed a tear of joy, the Dreamville creator revealed that recording has concluded. “The Revengers sessions are done thank you to every artist and producer that came through,” tweeted Cole. “I love y’all, that shit was beautiful. Next step, finish the songs and let the 🌎 feel em.” The mixing and mastering process can be the lengthiest part of completing an album, coupled with clearing samples. Hopefully, there will be no bumps in the road and Revenge Of The Dreamers III touches down ASAP.