When it comes to the drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, it feels like their differences will always exist. We were all confused when they initially linked up. Rob was in a dark place at that time, gaining weight and seemingly struggling with deep-rooted issues. They’re no longer together today but it’s not uncommon to see their names together in the headlines. Tyga and Blac Chyna though? That seems to have dissipated. Until now, that is.

Blac Chyna Says Tyga & Rob Kardashian "Tricked" Her Into Having Kids
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

This week, the former stripper took to Instagram Live to voice her frustrations, airing out both of her children’s fathers. Now that she’s spending time with Soulja Boy, her censor has effectively been turned off (if it was ever there to begin with.) She claimed that her exes don’t give her anything, noting that she never asked for child support. “I try to squash shit, which I did,” said Chyna. “But none of that comes out. It’s only negative shit with Chyna… I never wanted no money from Rob because it was never about that. Period.”

She went on to throw her own mother under the bus, as well as her two famous exes. On Tyga and Rob, she said, “I have kids by two guys that fucking tricked me or whatever and don’t give me shit. No child support, and I’m sick of that shit. Cut that child support shit out. Just cut it out. Period.”

On another note, does anyone wanna count how many times she says “period” in this video?