According to TMZ, Blac Chyna is wasting no time in finding a romantic solution to her dating woes. After coming to terms with Kid Buu in recent weeks, the model/influencer is moving onward with none other than Soulja Boy Tell'Em. Sources say the pair have been romantically for more than a week now, after making each other's acquaintance via Instagram DMs. From there, Chyna and Soulja made plans to formally meet at a party taking place at Sean Kingston's Los Angeles penthouse sometime last week. Sources say they wasted little getting know each other - right on the premises.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Since breaking the ice at Sean Kingston's penthouse, Chyna and Soulja Boy have reportedly been inseparable, going as far as to present themselves at numerous Grammy parties as a romantic item, even though on the first appearance, most observers believed them to be nothing more than "good friends."

Their running start as lovers cuts against the grain to some extent. Sources close to the situation believe Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy had every intention of taking things slow, but emotions seemed to have reared into place. As the above video decries on some level, Blac Chyna has seen her romantic life dwindle into chaos since her fallout with YBN Almighty Jay. Here's to hoping she and Big Draco set things off on the right foot. The World is in dire need of a loving spoonful come Valentine's Day.