Mo’Nique’s on-air feud with Steve Harvey made all the headlines last week – and while a transcript of the messy showdown provided plenty of context into the situation, it’s not until Today that we find ourselves face-to-face with actual footage.

As you can see, Mo’Nique’s disagreement with Steve Harvey began as she explained the reason she’s been mislabelled as a difficult person to work with, in Hollywood. Harvey never once changes his disagreeable tone as Mo’Nique pontificates about the adversity she and other “marginalized” celebrities have been forced to endure.

In her conversation with Steve Harvey, Mo’Nique relays her issue with Hollywood by implying that Whoopi Goldberg is often times overlooked by her less accomplished co-anchors on The View. Mo’Nique also spoke of the changing tide in the entertainment industry, on a semi-related note. “Before the money game, it’s called the integrity game,” she said. “And we’ve lost the integrity worried about the money,” to which Steve Harvey objected with his arms drawn up.

“If I crumble, my children crumble, my grandchildren crumble,” Harvey objected. “I can not for the sake of my integrity, stand up here, and let everybody that’s counting on me, crumble so that I can make a statement. There are ways to win the war in a different way.”

Whether you sit on either side of the discussion, the footage is in itself, worthy of a look. Mo’Nique does have a point: had she been born in a different era, we might not be having this conversation. Steve Harvey might not count himself an ally to Mo’Nique’s cause, but make no mistake about it, the comedienne is 100% welcome to the idea of a high profile joust, especially coming from someone who knows her all too well.