At some point, people better put some respect on Mo'Nique's name. Those that don't will be, at the very least, on the receiving end of a stern talking to. As no-nonsense as she is talented, the Oscar-winning actress slash comedian recently found herself making a few disparaging remarks about Whoopi Goldberg, whom she previously dubbed "The Help." The nature of Mo'nique's harsh words caused ripples throughout the game, which recently culminated in a heated face-to-face with none other than Steve Harvey.

Mo'Nique turning in a tour de force performance

The Jasmine reports that Mo'Nique was sitting in for an interview on Harvey's daytime talk show, Steve. Unfortunately, the situation allegedly went far left, prompting the segment to come to a premature close. It's told that Mo'nique even threatened to "put hands on son," as Danny Brown might say. Apparently, the tension boiled to a height when Mo'nique, ostensibly there to promote her Las Vegas residency show, was asked about the aforementioned Whoopi comments. Steve seemed to feel that Mo'nique ought to apologize, which prompted the actress' heated reaction.

As of now, there's no word on whether the segment will air as is, or find itself on the cutting room floor.