Ralo can’t be stopped, even from behind bars. The rapper’s currently in jail awaiting trial after the feds claim he flew $2M worth of cannabis from California to Georgia. Since then, the #FreeRalo campaign has been going strong. Today, he released his new single, “No Competition” featuring Shy Glizzy which serves as the first single off of his forthcoming project, Free Ralo

“Seeing and hearing #FreeRalo gives me motivation. It does something special to my heart,” he told Complex about the song. “I can’t explain why but I can say it make me feel good. I was able to speak with my engineer and produce this project myself. I heard certain artists on certain beats and I reached out and got the features.”

Peep the new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
I ain’t never been to Pakistan but I name a hood after Pakistan
My bitch, I ain’t never gon’ need now, all she gotta do is ask her man
Blast her man, I would blast her man, tell ’em n***as I’d blast ’em
I ain’t fuck with my daddy, momma made me a bastard