Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker: New Set Photos Revealed

Will this one live up to the character’s legacy?

BYBrynjar Chapman
Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker: New Set Photos Revealed

You'd have thought that after Heath Ledger's iconic and, unfortunately, lethal performance in The Dark Night, that maybe people would give it a minute before diving back into The Joker as the next tortured, wealthy star's exercise in method acting. First we had Jared Leto, the tactless muse of the creative director of Gucci, who gave us a jittery rehash of Ledger's iconic role, updated with some tattoos and a more punky style. 

Now, we have another actor trying to recapture the character's past glory (and agony). This time it's Joaquin Phoenix, who was photographed on set (see the photos here) wearing a suit that evokes the 70s in every possible way (just like Leto's pal in fashion): form the (Ron) Burgundy colour to the width of the lapels, to their accompanying peaks.

According to Screen Rant, the movie will centre on the Joker's relationship with his dying mother during his time as a failed comedian. This premise, coupled with the inclusion of Phoenix is a foolproof formula for another serious and artistic movie (not to mention that this new universe for DC will be called something along the lines of DC Dark or DC Black). The movie is currently in production.

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