$uicideboy$ Dispel Rumors They Split Due To Ruby Da Cherry's "Personal Wellness"

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Twitter reacts to $crim's SOS on Twitter, revealing the group's myriad of "unspecified" problems.


We spoke to G59’s management who has confirmed the band has not split up. It was taken out of context from some social media posts.


$crim, one half of the $uicideboy$, alongside lifelong running mate Ruby da Cherry posted an ominous message on his Twitter page, which for all intents and purposes, place the group in a holding pattern for an indefinite period of time. This Tweet (via $crim's Twitter) which he since deleted, read the following: "please send posi vibes to @SuicideChrist he is in a dark place and I need your help getting him out."

The Tweet is itself, a harrowing reminder of the well-documented hardship both men have faced. The message puts Ruby da Cherry assumed substance issues back into the foreground. The group's likely hiatus comes half-a-month after the release of their "studio" debut I Want to Die in New Orleans, put out on Caroline Records in conjunction with their own imprint  G*59 Records.

Besides the deleted Tweet with have little else to go on regarding Ruby da Cherry's well-being or the status of the group, other than $crim's updated bio which reads:


$uicideboy$' fans have shown up groves on Twitter in response to $crim's alarmist plea. Their concern is not only with Ruby da Cherry and his well-being but with the prospect of the group breaking up. Here's to hoping neither is proving correct and Ruby receives the care that is required for him to effect change, on a personal level.

$uicideboy$ Dispel Rumors They Split Due To Ruby Da Cherry's "Personal Wellness"

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