It was announced yesterday that the Alliance of American Football (AAF) will be ceasing operations in its inaugural season and will actually have to fold. This is pretty devastating news to the players who put their heart and soul into the league in an effort to someday make it back to the NFL. While the AAF dream is dead, there will be another chance for players as the Vince McMahon-led XFL will begin operations in February of 2020. Much like the AAF, the original XFL only enjoyed one season of football, although they’re bringing it back to try again.

Despite the AAF’s fate, it appears as though the XFL is confident that they can succeed and even published a statement on the matter.

Per XFL:

“We have said all along the success or failure of other leagues will have no impact on our ability to deliver high-quality, fast-paced, professional football. The XFL is well-funded, we have time before kick-off to execute our business plan, and we will soon announce a national broadcast and cable TV schedule that makes it easy for fans to find our games consistently every weekend when we launch next February. There is no doubt that avid football fans want more and we’re excited to get going in 2020.”

According to Darren Rovell, it appears as though the XFL could even acquire certain AAF assets, including “players and equipment.”