Brampton’s Haviah Mighty is back with her latest project, 13th Floor. The project consists of thirteen tracks with features from Clairmont The Second, Sean Leon, and Omega Mighty. 13th Floor includes the previously released singles, “In Women Color,” “Waves” ft. Sean Leon, ” “Wishy Washy” ft Omega Mighty, and “Blame.”

13th Floor serves as the official follow-up to 2017’s Flower City. Speaking to Exclaim, she explained her motives behind this project.

“It’s meant to be inspirational for the underdog experience,” she said. “Growing up who I am, what I looked like, the things that I choose to do, and the energy that I bring naturally, made some people uncomfortable,” she continued. “Being different is a great thing. It builds a character.”

Peep her new project below.