Higher Brothers are taking things in stride, as they launch their Global initiative, predominantly in their native language. Just last week, the Brothers debuted their Five Stars project, then within days unveiled an official merch line associated with the album, primed to be a “best seller” amongst the surprisingly innumerable 88rising fans Worldwide.

Then.. after releasing several singles. a capsule collection, the full-length project central to the “Global initiative,” Higher Brothers debuted a brand new music video with the unlikeliest of guests: Soulja Boy.

The album’s optical lens is interesting, to say the least. Soulja Boy doesn’t linger in the presence of his guests for too long, as his video performance is captured via a screen detector on the other side of HB’s futuristic control room. The beauty of the exchange crosses cultural boundaries in a manner that is non-obstructive. Young Chinese men and women living in urban milieu dream about the same fanciful objects as a 28-year old as sprung on material love as the one Big Draco.