Many have found themselves on the receiving end of ScHoolboy Q’s merciless sense of humor, and now, A$AP Rocky has fallen into his crosshairs. It all started so innocuously, as Q was simply roaming Chinese soil, enjoying a day at the mall. Eventually, he found himself standing face to face with a life-sized image of A$AP Rocky posing in an ensemble of Calvin Klein “tighty-whiteys.” The sight is enough to send Q into fits of mock disgust, in which he begs his friend to “lose his number. 

“On the real, stop texting me, don’t call me,” says a grinning Q, before making fun of Rocky’s vernacular. He mentions that the ad is likely exclusive to overseas markets, but nothing can escape his watchful eye.  

Before people get up-and-arms about some good old-fashioned ballbustery, recall that Q and Rocky are friends and collaborators; the pair were previously heard on “Hands On The Wheel,” and “Californication,” though Rocky was notably absent from Q’s recent Blank Face.  Who knows, perhaps posing in “tighty-whiteys” may truly spell the end of a stalwart hip-hop bromance. In any case, it’s nice to see ScHoolboy back on his B.S, as it were.