Donald Trump has convinced the nation that celebrities can get elected. Trump isn’t the first celebrity to become a president, but he is by far the most divisive. Since the last election, several celebrity names have been thrown into the hypothetical presidential race including Dwayne Johnson, Oprah, and Will Smith. Smith recently performed his first stand up act ever at the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles at an event held by Dave Chappelle. The two legendary celebrities were approached about a possible presidential run, and their answers were positive. 

“You would vote for me if I ran? I’ma consider it,” joked Will. “I’ma take that under advisement.” Chappelle seemed ready to hit the campaign trail, as he answered, “And I’ll be the Vice President, that way nothing bad will happen to Will.” I’m not sure Chappelle is the best man to keep anyone out of trouble, as his penchant to stir up controversy is legendary. The 2020 election will be an interesting one for sure, and Kanye West has even planned to run for president (although he is aiming for a 2024 run, suggesting a Trump reelection). Only time will tell. Would you like to see another celebrity in office, or should we stick to career politicians?