The other day Kanye West promised a small crowd that he had returned to Chicago and would never leave it behind. Realistically-speaking, Kanye West will probably forget that he ever uttered those words, but that’s okay because no one really believed him in the first place.

But since his return to Chicago, Kanye and his family have made the most of the experience. Here he is throwing the ceremonious first pitch at the Chicago White Sox game with his two-year-old son Saint. Technically, Kanye did most of the heavy lifting, but for the sake of future scrapbooks, let’s just say the kid got one off right across the plate and his dad did nothing but watch from behind.

I just lied didn’t I? But that’s okay. Kanye West is a remarkably interesting human, but something tells me he’s the type of guy that would reach over a child’s glove to catch a foul ball. I’m glad the Chicago trip is actually shaping up to be a father-son bonding experience. As reported Kim and daughter North are making the most of having the house to themselves.

Just the other day, Kim enlisted North’s runway skills L.O.L Surprise Fashion Show in Santa Monica. Both of these outings were actually kind of cute, it’s not the way I did as a child, but whatever. Let’s not forget, Kanye is in Chicago to finish up his projected album with Chance the Rapper, so Saint is sure to have a chaperone or two around him at all times.