While his style doesn’t please everybody, Lil Xan’s fans absolutely adore him. The 22-year-old has somewhat of a cult-like following around the world, filled with young men and women who are obsessed with Xanarchy and everything the rapper stands for. Xan recently dropped his new mixtape Heartbreak Soldiers Pt. 2, complete with ten songs that will hold fans over until his album Be Safe is ready to release. Much of the tape appears to have been recorded and mixed on the road with “Free Tay K” serving as one of the more polished efforts.


Obviously, people will gravitate to this song because of the title. Tay-K is a controversial figure himself so when you combine both of their forces and fanbases, you know there will be trouble. Tay remains behind bars and Diego is calling for his release on this song, also bragging about how many women want to get with him. “I ain’t got no kid but these bitches call me daddy,” raps the California native, who is expecting his first child at the moment. If you’re a fan of Bobby Johnson’s production, you may mess with this song and a handful of others from Heartbreak Soldiers Pt. 2.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Haters wanna fight ’cause they know nothing about me
If you really knew about me then we probably could be homies
And I got no kid but these bitches call me daddy