The Wu-Tang Clan’s fearless leader RZA has led the vegan lifestyle for some time now. His plant-based diet appears to be an important facet of his life, since RZA and the Clan have decided to help White Castle promote their new Impossible Slider. The all-vegan burger has received very unique promo via the Clan, which was introduced on White Castle’s Instagram page.  

The short promo video finds RZA narrating from somewhere unseen, while a Wu-Tang logo looms in the forefront. “Peace. My name is RZA9000, formerly known as the RZA. I have uploaded my consciousness into a supreme data system and now I possess the knowledge infinite,” states the rapper. “Together with the Wu-Tang Clan, we will slide through space, seek wisdom, and expand the parameters of the mind. If you are an Earthling and you need answers, call 1-833-4-SLIDER.” The phone number leads to a pre-recorded message in which RZA urges callers to leave a “question about existence.”

“All will be revealed. Wu-Tang in space, eating vegan Impossible Sliders, October 1,” RZA continues on the message. Ghostface Killah and GZA have also joined in on the campaign.