Tom Brady described his chemistry with new Patriots’ acquisition Josh Gordon as a “work in progress,” but stressed that his new receiver option was “really eager to get in there and learn everything” during the first couple practices. Gordon was acquired on Monday in exchange for a draft pick after the Cleveland Browns grew tired of waiting for his come around. The mid-round pick the Pats gave up is regarded as a worthwhile “risk” considering his projected ceiling vis-à-vis other draft picks in the year 2012.

Tom Brady was level-headed when asked to file a progress report of Gordon’s progress with the team. “Look, he’s been here for a few days, so we’re working at it every day, and every day you try to make improvements,” Brady said on this afternoon to the media. The biggest obstacle so far, which Brady also touched on, is the unreported hamstring issue that forced his exit from the Cleveland Browns organization.

Team doctors are giving Josh a 50/50 chance to line up on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. inevitably the decision to dress Gordon is also contingent on how quickly he absorbs the Patriot’s playbook. Gordon has not spoken to the media following his media, with the team willing him to dress alone in a spare room. Gordon’s new locker space was set up to the left Tom Brady’s cubbyhole, the main artery for media attention at Gillette Stadium outside of the conference hall.