Orlando Brown To Enter Rehab Facility After His Peers Stage An Intervention

Orlando Brown has been publicly battling his demons, but it appears that he will finally be getting the help he needs.

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That's So Raven actor Orlando Brown has made headlines for his concerning behavior over the past year. Not too long ago, Brown was sentenced to 23 days behind bars in the wake of drug-related and burglary sentences. Last month, the actor was seen by police entering and exiting a motel located in an area known for the alarming rates of drug abuse among its residences. He was later discovered to be carrying Methamphetamine. He was subsequently captured by security cameras breaking into and attempting to change the locks of a restaurant owned by former Death Row artist and childhood friend, Danny Boy.

Today, TMZ reports that Brown's peers, including Danny Boy, have banded together to help the troubled actor receive the help he requires. Danny Boy reportedly reached out to Hollywood producers Wendy Wheaton and Tommy Red, seeking contacts and references to reputable rehabilitation facilities. The intervention came days after cops were alerted about a heated argument occurring at a San Fernando Valley hotel which turned out to be between Brown and his manager. 

According to TMZ, after the intervention organized by Brown's friends, Wendy Wheaton, Tommy Red, Orlando made the decision to check into a treatment facility for mental health and substance abuse issues.

You can follow Orlando's journey at yoursecretangels.org.

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