Saba Showcases The Pivot Gang On "Jason Statham, Pt. 2"

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Saba leads the Pivot Gang's latest posse cut with a strongarm showing.

As Saba let his curious fans know on Pivot Gang's latest posse cut "Jason Statham, Pt. 2," every passing day is ripe for the unblousing, so jump to it. Saba's Pivot Gang unit is but a microcosm in the grand scheme of activities germinating in Chicago's reformed Poet society. 

Before you gloss over in anticipation of NoName, Smino, and Saba's formal edification as a "super trio," try the Pivot Gang on for size. When in the company of his brother Joseph Chilliams, and the other entrusted member of the Chicago collective, Saba is a different monster, one which Jason Statham-like reflexes and agility.

Where the song fails to showcase the auxiliary members of the squad, the "Jason Statham, Pt. 2" music video, in all its splendor, paints a pretty vivid portrait of rappers MFnMelo, Dam Dam, Frsh Waters, their in-house producers daedaePIVOT, Daoud and SqueakPIVOT, as well as the aforementioned brotherly unit of Saba and Joseph Chilliams. The new video single comes complete with a promise by the Pivot Gang to unveil tons of additional material in the comings weeks and months, so keep it locked.

Quotable Lyrics:

On my land like a landlord 
Airplane mode the phone, I don't answer 
I got stamps in the passport
Runnin' from the feds, but I hop back in the Lamb' though
And I'm with my bands so (Yeah)
I cannot play no games, no.

- Saba

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