Things are not going well for Tay-K whatsoever. Earlier this month, the rapper was allegedly caught with a banned substance inside of jail which landed him with additional charges on top of the murder charges he was initially faced. Now, the rapper landed himself another felony charge after he was allegedly caught with a phone.

Tay-K adds another felony charge to his list after guards allegedly caught him trying to hide a cellphone, Star-Telegram reports. The guard allegedly caught the rapper trying to tuck his phone inside of his underwear. After it was discovered, the rapper tried to throw it in the toilet and then got into an altercation with another inmate, the sheriff’s officials claimed. Prosecutors  added a third degree felony charge of possessing a prohibited item inside a correctional last week.

According to Chief of Staff for the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office David McClelland, a deputy was doing a pat-down on Tay-K when he felt something he suspected to be contraband near the rapper’s groin. Ultimately, they determined it to be a cell phone and a charger which he had hidden in his underwear and socks. After being asked to remove it, they said Tay-K tried to destroy the phone in the toilet.

Tay-K is now being moved to Tarrant County’s maximum-security jail, Lon Evans Corrections Center after a previous altercation he had with a fellow jailer. At the new prison, Tay-K will be held in a solitary cell by himself for 23 hours a day. He’ll be allowed one hour per day to go to the gym.

Tay K

Tay-K Catches Another Felony Charge After Allegedly Being Caught With Cell Phone