Tory Lanez has officially clapped back. Don Q may have gotten a few licks in, but it wasn’t like the Canadian to take the attack lying down. The counter riposte seemed inevitable, given the speed with which he penned not one, but two Joyner diss records. Now, Tory has allotted five minutes to Q’s teardown, and rest assured, the bars are relentless. “You looking like a Styles P nephew that never made it,” raps Tory, after pondering the scientific reason behind doing battle with “A Boogie’s shadow.” 

The wanton disrespect speaks to Tory’s newfound reputation as a battle-hardened warrior. “I show n***as love and hatred n***as wanna throw back,” spits Lanez. “He tempted me but never had this energy for Kodak, you paid Dream Doll for a feature to get the pussy, and somehow you think you’re fucking with me? The first night I seen Dream Doll I fucked her for free.” Not kissing and telling has become a gentleman’s sport, and rap is a realm for scoundrels. Case in point, Tory dedicates an entire segment ridiculing Don Q for having an STD, dusting off the lab-coat as he suggests remedial measures. 

In fact, Tory Lanez approaches the whole track with the constant air of a man giving a casual dismissal; still, what his flow lacks in intensity is made up for by the pure savagery of his bars. Say what you will about the man, but he issued a challenge to all comers and engaged with all those who dared step up. So far, this whole rap battle thing has worked wonders for the Canadian. How did he fare by your estimation?

Quotable Lyrics

It hurts when you kill a n***a you love
Ironic that the salt thrown from the n***s that’s slugs
Chewin’ these n***as with no injestion
I got a real message for my brother Quincy, my n***a, it’s time to go get tested
It’s a couple hoes in Starlets I know you infected
You really out here fuckin’ raw with a scrotum infection
And what’s worse is you know it, still you go unprotected
You need to focus on a hit, need to go get a record
See you can find a Don Q in the ho n****a section
Go get injected with whatever medicine you need to clear up
‘Cause them pills ain’t workin’ for every time it flare up
Yuck, I’ma let you breathe on that
I’m really beggin’ that you think about your physical health
You’ll never see your fuckin’ album on a physical shelf