iLoveMakonnen’s story has been a complicated one. After receiving a coveted co-sign from Drake, his career took off before slowly plummeting over the years. For some reason, Makonnen was never able to flourish into the star that people had in mind. He hasn’t let any of that alter his mindset though because the man is still hustling, collaborating with some of the finest talent in the game and releasing a new single this week.

Makonnen has always been fascinated with Gucci Mane’s career so it’s not a surprise to see the two working together on some new music. “Spendin” was announced earlier this week and it has officially been made available in select international markets. The new track features Big Guwop and the cover artwork meshes both of their signature styles to create one iconic image. Makonnen’s trademark mannequin head gets branded with Gucci’s ice cream cone face tattoo in the work designed by FvckRender

What do you think of this one?

Quotable Lyrics:

On that block I’m like that hopscotch
Old shit done fucked around and got pulled over by the cops
Nothing in my car because I’m not selling weed
I’m out here hitting the stores
I’m all in the Fendi