Meek Mill appeared on Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom, a podcast aimed at shedding light on people held against their will by the American Justice System. The series is 72 recordings deep into its two year run as a tool in the fight against forced adjudication. Meek Mill’s plea on the show speaks to the issue of racial criminalization. The rapper turned activist was flanked by Philadelphia 76ers’ owner Michael Rubin for the 50 minute interview with Jason Flom. The billionaire who made his fortune in e-Commerce, has been noticeably present in Meek Mill’s life since his return to from a 5-month bid. While imprisoned, Rubin was one of the more outspoken critics of Genece Brinkley’s presumed headhunt of Meek Mill, in light of the initial charges being at least a decade in the past.

Meek & Rubin opened the discussion by tabling new ideas for probationary laws, leading to a conversation on the likelihood of recidivism of black men in America, to which the host added,  “30% of black men without a college education will spend time in jail by their 30th birthday,” a number which rises to 60% if you frame the analytics under black men without high school diplomas.

Meek Mill described his time in prison as an eye opening experience, in which he witnessed acts of cruelty “you wouldn’t do to your pets.” All three were responsible for their predetermined roles: the host mediating the discussion, Meek offering personal anecdotes, and Rubin lending support from within the “establishment.”

The podcast is available here.