Floyd Mayweather Trolls Oscar De La Hoya With Bathtub Pics Of The "Crackhead"

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The latest comes in response to De La Hoya's most recent critique.

Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya have been going at each other outside of the ring for weeks. A couple of days ago, Oscar insulted Mayweather yet again with a tweet stating that the athlete was "bad for boxing." In response, Mayweather dipped into his collection of lewd photos of his nemesis to counterattack. 

He uploaded yet another picture of De La Hoya wearing fishnets. This time, the young man is pictured leaning against a bathtub with legs open. The caption compares him to a female sex worker.

This b*tch Oscar De La Hoya is busting it open for everybody and got the nerve to ask me about working at @girlcollection 
No, I told this hoe she got to go to the bunny ranch.

Oscar has opened up about how he had entered a difficult phase in his life that involved drug abuse. Floyd leveraged this information against him with a clip that displayed De LA Hoya in a different kind of vulnerable state while describing his experience with drug addiction during an interview. 

"My drugs of choice were cocaine and alcohol [...] It took me to a point where I felt safe. I was dependent on them [...] When you're in the state of that high of drinking and doing drugs, emotions run through your head like there's no tomorrow. All these emotions go through your head and you do stupid, crazy things."

Mayweather uploaded the clip with his two cents: "This alcoholic/crackhead is bad for boxing."

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