Don Cheadle is set to voice Donal duck in a special episode of the Duck Tales. Fans will hear his interpretation of the character in the show’s 1-hour season finale.

The Duck Tales revival air this Saturday morning on the Disney Channel. This specific episode was so special that the production decided to include the infamous Donald Duck in the plot. They add even more hype to the show by enlisting Don Cheadle to voice the character.

Cheadle was taken aback by the offer at first. He protested by saying that he simply couldn’t do the iconic voice. Then, to his relief, he was told that the production actually wanted him to use his regular voice.

The actor shared his thoughts about his new role with his particular kind humor.

“It’s strange looking at Donald Duck and seeing my voice come out […] It’s an awesome opportunity really ’cause there’s only so many roles that you look forward to playing.[..] I think there’s only been three people who’ve ever voiced Donald duck so to get to be in that line…you know…I can put that in my resume. When your name is Don and an opportunity comes up to play a Donald that you can really get behind you get a chance to protect the mantle of Dons, I mean, you kinda gotta say yes. Us Dons gotta stick together.”