Petition Calling For Ralo To Be Released On Bond Has Surfaced

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The people are coming together in an effort to help Ralo.

Today, a new petition has begun to circulate with the intention of ensuring that incarcerated rapper Ralo is granted bond. In April, Ralo was arrested on federal charges for intent to distribute marijuana, after authorities discovered nearly one million dollars in marijuana

Currently, Ralo remains incarcerated, as he has been since his original arrest on April 15th, 2018. Unfortunately for the 1017 rapper, each attempted bond has been denied. According to the petition, the government has already dubbed Ralo to be a "threat to the community," despite the fact that his crime was notably non-violent. Speaking on behalf of "the community," the petition's authors claim that Ralo's contributions are beneficial, especially those granted by his record label Famerica's employment opportunities. 

Not only that, but Ralo's charitable side is also highlighted. The petition places emphasis on how he has previously funded funerals, sponsored Turkey Drives, and provided underprivileged kids with back to school supplies. They also claim that the rapper is being "being selectively prosecuted and denied bond in prejudice," which echoes an earlier sentiment made by Ralo's manager, who felt his pro-Islamic lyrics made him a target of the FBI. 

As of now, the petition has 10 859 signatures out of a required 15,000. Ralo is next slated to appear in court on July 30th. Should you be interested, you can find (and potentially sign) the petition right here. Free Ralo. 


Petition Calling For Ralo To Be Released On Bond Has Surfaced
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