Ralo's manager Queen has spoken out about what she considers to be unfair FBI targeting of the rapper following his arrest at DeKalb-Peachtree airport. In an interview with 11Alive news, Queen stated that Ralo's songs and lyrics are part of why he's found himself accused of running a gang and had his Atlanta apartment complex raided by feds. “I feel like he is being targeted because of his song. Because of his lyrics. Because of his faith," she said.

A federal affidavit states that Ralo leads a street gang called Famerica, however, Queen says the "gang" is simply the rapper's music collective. "Famerica is the record label Ralo started. He started that as a way to sign artists, sign himself, and put out his own music,” she said. “The sad part is… Just because I love my bother and I want to be around my brother… why is that a gang?”

The investigation into Ralo reportedly dates back to a December 2017 incident in which investigators found 520 pounds of marijuana within one of three vans they stopped leaving Fulton County Airport. The traffic stop is believed to be connected to Ralo's private flight, according to legal documents. Last week, Ralo was arrested at PDK airport when he was found to be carrying marijuana and charged with conspiracy to commit a felony.

Ralo will reportedly plead not guilty to the charges brought against him at a hearing scheduled for next week.

Watch the full interview with Queen above.