The censors were putting in work last night, during Nicki Minaj’s appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Fresh off the drop of her new Queen album, Nicki chopped it up with the talk show host slash political pundit, and rest assured, the sexual tension was evident. From the minute Colbert pulled out the Queen vinyl, complete with censored nipples, it was clear there was no going back. Minaj seemed to pick up on the thread, and decided it wise to playfully tease Colbert, inserting him into an extended “Barbie Dreams” rendition.

“I might fuck Stephen after the show. He goin’ come back to work with a magical glow,” raps Minaj, laying down a desk-beat for good measure. “But when you [censored] please don’t stare. Just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert.” Suffice it to say, Colbert is left awestruck, reddening hues that would infuriate even the most docile bull. Perhaps a hint at the aforementioned magical glow. The man seals the deal with a businesslike handshake and doles out a well earned round of applause.

Eventually, Colbert regains his composure, and proceeds to inquire about whether or not the recipients of her “Barbie Dreams” ire caught feelings over the namedrop. “I did get a call from one person, I’m not going to say who,” reveals Nicki, before ruling out Drake. “Actually, two people approached me about it. I’m not going to snitch. Only one person so far got a little irritated but I explained to him how much I love him and he understands now. One person, he was just laughing.” When Colbert attempted to discern the tone of the laughter, Minaj clarifies it was somewhere between nervous and irate. 

To be fair, as evidenced by Colbert’s scarlet hue, one might have called a “Barbie Dreams” name-drop something of an honor. Who might have caught feelings? Desiigner and Khaled seemed to catch it the worst, yet Young Thug didn’t exactly appear happy about it. Perhaps we’ll never know.