Chief Keef Camps Out With Wingstop In The "Awesome" Video Single

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Chief Keef has gone against the grain in 2018, his latest single "Awesome" is more of the same.

Today we learned that Chief Keef's baby mother is twenty years his senior, their relationship conceived that way from the start. The unexplainable act that is Big Gucci Sosa didn't stop there, in tracking the irregularities back to ground zero.

Love Sosa quietly went against the grain in 2018, squeezing out four unprecedented projects, resulting in a few lapses of judgment moreover. But I'm sure we'll all agree, one exalted look and we're back aboard the train completely.

In Keef's latest video single "Awesome," that exalted look re-emerges once more. In fact, everything really clicks into focus when the simplistic chorus of "Awesome" comes into effect, flashing plenty of reverb. By some stroke of luck, his vocal arrangement comes together, like a modulator with all the right settings. And with that, it's worth noting what a journey 2018 has been for the Love Sosa faithful. Go enjoy the new material, it'll have you reeling with Frat House Energy.

Quotable Lyrics:

Step up in my office
Pow Pow
I'm waiting in Miami in a Rari
Ey Ey
Take my shoes I told her rub my bunions.

-Chief Keef

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