Earl Sweatshirt Takes "The Bends" With Efficacy

Earl comes correct on "The Bends."

BYDevin Ch
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Earl Sweatshirt is back to making music after a year of digging deep within himself. He's left us with is an arduous effort, but people don't see it for what it is. They know his backstory, they understand the conceit behind the album's title, and yet they choose to look the other way. What people don't get: Earl isn't actually an ingratiating person. If you listen closely, he's actually challenging a culture of obedience.

"The Bends," is cast in the same mold as the rest of Some Rap Songs: it is frustratingly short in length, but it's not a lazy effort. Earl's languid expression is easily misconstrued to not give him the credit he's due. Earl raps, "Bend, we don't break, we not the bank
Got memories of your face, the photo still on the mantle." It's the main sticking point in the song, and maybe the whole album, so a more expressive tone would actually be counterintuitive would it not? Keeping the faith is the second of two functions. It's quite evident, Earl Sweatshirt wrote Some Rap Songs, to shine a light on the most important things in life.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bend, we don't break, we not the bank
Switch whips, relocate all the way out of state
Tell my queens, "Keep mace"
Keep faith, brother man
They stable full of sheep, we stayin' on the lam
Game isn't cheap.

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