Sheck Wes is going to split hairs on this one, and for the record that’s okay; rap fans are generally divided on what they deem has value. The early indications were that Sheck Wes’ rap style would be overly-rambunctious. They feared that his energetic performance on “Mo Bamba” would only serve him that one time. They were also quick to caution his “timelessness,” before he’d ever announced any plans to drum up a game plan. These opinions, however unlikely, reflect poorly on the listener. Therefore, on “Jiggy On The Shits,” Sheck tries to prove his doubters wrong on two definitive levels.

For one, he recounts a personal anecdote from his adolescence, a period in which his mother confiscated his cell phone, and passport after receding to his parent’s home country of Senegal. While there he had to make due with what little insight he had of Senegalese heritage. Nevertheless, the experiment did succeed in bonding him closer to his culture and family members living in Dakar. Check out the bride or “second verse” that he performs almost entirely in the native language of the Wolof people.

Quotable Lyrics:

Loumouy dieund moy lek ak nane
Liguey dem diokh ko sunu morom
Kou lene di diokh sen lek ak nane
Loutakh ma key wakh thi wolof
Boy yi dagn meune setane
Kou setane sori woul shaytaan
Young, I don’t play 
Switch it up, come back to English, bitch.