Imagine having so much money that you could walk into a strip club with a backpack filled with $50k in cash? Floyd Mayweather doesn’t have to imagine it, because he’s living that life. As captured by TMZMoney Mayweather was living his best life at Scores in Atlantic City, New Jersey this past weekend. The media site attained footage of the undefeated boxer throwing stacks in the air while Lil Wayne’s “Canon” blasted through the strip club speakers. Money appears to rain from the sky as the dancers work to make the money shower continue. 

The cleanup crew claims to have found thousands of dollars the next day, wedged in between furniture and up in the ceiling vents and rafters. Apparently, there’s only so much money the strippers could reach themselves, so everybody got a piece of the Mayweather celebration. Prior to hitting the strip club, Mayweather and his entourage dined at Robert’s Steakhouse. The wealthy athlete allegedly dropped $5k on a bottle of Louis XIII cognac for his table, although he doesn’t drink alcohol. The expensive liquor was just for his friends. Mayweather’s lavish spending has long been an essential part of his legend, and as he grows older, the stories will only get more interesting.