The cover to Action Bronson's new album, Mr. Wonderful, shows an illustration of Bronson spread-eagle perched atop a golden staircase. It's inspired by a scene from the 1988 American kung-fu film Bloodsport, in which the main character sits in the same pose overlooking Hong Kong as he prepares for battle. Indeed, much of Mr. Wonderful is inspired by cinema. The lead single, "Easy Rider", takes its name from the 1969 Peter Fonda/Dennis Hopper film, and in the music video, Bronson embarks on his own LSD-fueled Harley Davidson journey across the desert. 

Bronson plays many characters on Mr. Wonderful, and you can see the man has an incredible imagination inspired by a life-long love of cult cinema (and high-quality marijuana). The subjects Bronson tackles are universes away from those of your average rapper. While you're repping your set for the 100th time, Bronson is busy concocting expensive dishes you've never heard of, such as "white snake with underwear sauce"; actually, there's nothing fancy about that platter. Even when Bronson's stories frenzy into Fear & Loathing-type absurdity, we're still down for the frequently ridiculous, always hilarious journey. 

Bronson closes the album riding his Harley into the sunset, but, along the way, he gets into countless mind-bending scenarios. Here are the 10 most ridiculous scenes in Action Bronson's latest auditory motion picture, Mr. Wonderful