Violence isn't an odd topic in hip-hop music by any stretch of the imagination; there probably hasn't been a mainstream rap album to hit stores this year in which an emcee didn't at least threaten to kill someone. Gun violence and homicide are an epidemic in hip-hop. Cannibalism, torture, and crucification, on the other hand, are harder topics to come by. 

The following list is dedicated to those rappers who were willing to take their fetish for violence and murder one step further, often for satire and occasionally just for dumb fun. On these pages, you'll be introduced to serial killers, rapists, abortionists, schizophrenics, and a few killer clowns too. This one isn't for the easily disturbed.

Check out the gallery and let us know what else deserved a spot.

Note: for the sake of variety, I gave every artist one song; Brotha Lynch, Eminem & The Geto Boys would have dominated this list had I not.